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 919 East Shaw Lane, Room E-35

East Lansing, MI 48825-3804


office: 517-432-8026

 fax: 517-432-2758


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Courses Taught at Michigan State University


Undergraduate Courses—Conventional Classroom

LB 133: Introduction to History, Philosophy, and Sociology of Science

     (5 times)

LB 334: Science, Technology, and Public Policy (3 times)

LB 335: The Natural Environment: Perceptions and Practices (7 times)

LB 490E: Advanced Directed Study in History, Philosophy, and Sociology of

     Science (23 times)

LB 492: Senior Seminar (9 times)

LB 493: Field Experience (1 time)

SOC/LB 368: Science, Technology, and Society (1 time)

SOC 496: Individual Readings (1 time)


Undergraduate Courses—Study Away or Study Abroad

Residential Opportunities at Kellogg Station Study Away Program (4 times)

Rainforests and Reality in Nicaragua Study Abroad Program (1 time)

Tropical Biodiversity in Conservation in Panama Study Abroad Program

     (5 times)


Graduate Courses

SOC 841: Social Movements (2 times)

SOC 865: Environmental Sociology (5 times)

SOC 868: Science and Technology (1 time)

SOC 890: Individual Readings (4 times)

PhD, Sociology, 2002

 Washington State University


MA, Sociology, 1998

 Washington State University


BA, Sociology, 1996

University of Northern Iowa