Aaron M. McCright

Professor & Chairperson 

Department of Sociology

Michigan State University

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MSU Undergraduate Courses—Conventional Classroom

Introduction to History, Philosophy, & Sociology of Science (6)

The Natural Environment: Perceptions & Practices (9)

Science, Technology, & Public Policy (3)

Science, Technology, & Society (1)

Senior Seminar (10)

MSU Undergraduate Courses—Study Away or Study Abroad

Residential Opportunities at Kellogg Station (ROKS) Study Away Program (4)

Tropical Biodiversity & Conservation in Panama Study Abroad Program (5)

Rainforests & Reality in Nicaragua Study Abroad Program (1)

MSU Graduate Courses

Environmental Sociology (6)

Social Movements (3)

Science & Technology (2)

MSU Address

 509 East Circle Drive, Room 317

East Lansing, MI 48824-1111


 office: 517-353-6790

e-mail: mccright@msu.edu

PhD, Sociology, 2002

 Washington State University


MA, Sociology, 1998

 Washington State University


BA, Sociology, 1996

University of Northern Iowa