In a study published in The American Sociologist, Dr. Jerry Jacobs of the University of Pennsylvania reports that Michigan State University sociologist Aaron M. McCright and Oklahoma State University sociologist authored the 8th most cited article published in sociology journals in the past five years.

     The article, “The Politicization of Climate Change and Polarization in the American Public’s Views of Global Warming, 2001-2010”, was the lead article in a spring 2011 Symposium on the Politics of Climate Change in The Sociological Quarterly.  McCright’s article previously had won the Midwest Sociological Society’s The Sociological Quarterly Distinguished Contribution to Scholarship Award in 2013.

     Dr. Jacobs also reported the top 10 most cited articles published in sociology journals in the past five years in the December 2015 issue of Footnotes (the official newsletter of the American Sociological Association).

​McCright & Dunlap (2011) is 8th Most Cited Sociology Article in Recent Years

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Aaron M. McCright is Professor of Sociology in Lyman Briggs College and the Department of Sociology at Michigan State University.  His sociological research investigates how interrelationships among scientific developments, political processes, and social dynamics influence society’s capacity for recognizing and dealing with environmental degradation and technological risks.  Dr. McCright is most well-known for his work analyzing the political dynamics and public understanding of climate science and policy in the United States—especially organized climate change denial and political polarization on climate change.

     In addition, his recent work helps to improve our sociological understanding of societal risk and increase the effectiveness of our risk governance for promoting a more sustainable society.  Dr. McCright also investigates the roles of public opinion for social movements, especially how we can us public opinion surveys to investigate how citizens identify with different social movements over their life course.  Further, he conducts research on the effectiveness of inquiry-based learning projects for improving students’ scientific and statistical knowledge, skills, and attitudes.

     He has published two books, has authored several chapters in edited volumes, and has written a few commissioned reports.  His work also has been published in such scholarly journals as Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences; Nature Climate Change; Global Environmental Change; Climatic Change; Public Opinion Quarterly; Social Problems; Social Science Quarterly; Theory, Culture, and Society; The Sociological Quarterly; Journal of Risk Research; Organization and Environment; Environment and Behavior; Population and Environment; and Environmental Politics.

     He was named a 2007 Kavli Frontiers Fellow in the National Academy of Sciences, he served as a 2008-2009 Lilly Teaching Fellow at MSU, and he received the 2009 Teacher-Scholar Award and the 2009 Curricular Service-Learning and Civic Engagement Award at MSU.